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Radiator Cabinets Tyne and Wear

The prices set out in the table below are in pounds sterling and are based on the width of the cabinet.  Please measure from valve to valve.  The examples are for our standard design (Alnwick) with plain punched hardboard screens.  Veneered wood, metal and rattan screens are also available.

Please use the "Extras" table below to calculate your total cost.

See our screens section.


u/f Pre-sanded MDF ready for you to paint or varnish yourself.
f MDF sprayed with a tough lacquer finish available in white, almond white or buttermilk.
v/f Wood veneered MDF polished in a range of hard-wearing finishes.


  Width (ft) 


Price (£)

  u/f 150
3 f 180
  v/f 190
  u/f 170
4 f 210
  v/f 230
  u/f 190
5 f 230
  v/f 260
  u/f 210
6 f 260
  v/f 300
  u/f 240
7 f 290
  v/f 340
u/f 260
8 f 310
  v/f 370



Feature Add
Anodised Silver and Gold Screens
£40 per panel
Solid Brass and Stainless Steel Screens
£50 per panel
Non-standard Plain and Veneered Screens
£15 per panel
£10 per cabinet
£30 per cabinet

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radiator cabinets Tyne and Wear
radiator cabinets Tyne and Wear

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